Thursday, November 03, 2016


From a Facebook comment, 2 Nov 2016, by Shmuel Galor:
From the beginning of 20th century, large waves of Arabs invaded the Land of Israel as work immigrants who came to what has become prosperous Palestine thanks to Jewish ingenuity and hard work that made the desert blossom. These Arabs didn't have and don't have any common national identity, no common history, essentially nothing national, they had to invent themselves a national identity, and so, in 1964, at KGB's advise, they invented themselves as "Palestinians". It's important to mention that some of these Muslim Arab work immigrants behaved in their new hosting country the same as our days Muslim work immigrants behave today in other hosting countries, in Europe, in the US, etc: some of them engaged in slaughtering 'non believers', and so, there were slaughters and pogroms in Hebron and Jaffa in 1929, in Hebron in 1935, in Jaffa in 1936, etc. We must not forget that their leader, Mufti Hajj Amin al-Husseini was Hitler's ally, and recruited whole divisions of fanatics to fight and kill in the name of Muslim extremism. "Hitler’s Mufti" had a direct hand in some of the darkest moments of the Holocaust, the slaughter of tens of thousands of Jews and Christians, and the formation of some of the most hate-filled generations of modern history. Al-Husseini is a testament to the way that evil finds evil. 
Despite all this, the Arabs living in Israel (about 1.6 million people, have the Israeli citizenship, and are, rightfully, equal citizens) and those in the 'territories' are not pushed to leave, and nobody calls the thousands of these  Arabs surnamed Al-Masri (Egyptian) to return to Egypt where they came from, the thousands surnamed "Hijazi" to return to Saudi Arabia where they came from, the thousands surnamed "Trabelsi" (from Tripoli) to return to Lebanon, the thousands surnamed "Halabi" (from Haleb, Aleppo) to return to Syria, the thousand surnamed Mugrabi (Moroccan) to return to Morocco etc., etc., etc.

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