Monday, October 24, 2011

Gilad Shalit release: freed Palestinian terrorist vows to continue terror

From The Telegraph, 19 Oct 2011, by Adrian Blomfield, Gaza City and Richard Spencer in Mitzpe Hila:

An unsuccessful suicide bomber released from prison as part of the deal to free Gilad Shalit, the Israeli conscript, on Wednesday vowed to fulfil a childhood ambition by "sacrificing" her life for the Palestinian cause.

Gilad Shalit release: freed Palestinian prisoner vows to 'sacrifice' her life
As she returned to her family home in northern Gaza, Wafa al-Bis insisted she would seize any opportunity to mount another suicide mission and encouraged dozens of cheering schoolchildren to follow her example.
Bis was one of hundreds of Palestinian militants freed by Israel on Tuesday in the first phase of a prisoner swap agreed with Hamas, Gaza’s Islamist overlords, to win the freedom of Sgt Maj Shalit after five years in solitary confinement. 
... Bis was just 21 when, in 2005, she volunteered to undertake a suicide mission in Israel.

Her target, Israel says, was a hospital where she had been given permission to seek treatment for burns she sustained in a gas tank explosion. She never got there. Stopped by suspicious Israeli soldiers at a checkpoint on Gaza’s border, she was discovered with 22lb of explosives sewn into a belt inside her underwear. Bis tried to blow herself up but the detonator malfunctioned.

... Bis yesterday maintained that the six years she spent in an Israeli prison cell had left her with no regrets other than her failure to kill herself and her captors...

“... I wanted to kill as many as I could,” she said. “I had wanted to be a martyr since I was a kid. I regard what I did as an honourable thing. It was my dream to be a martyr but God didn’t let me.” 

... “This is an honourable thing and I would be a suicide bomber three times over if I could.” 

...“This is Jihad, it is an honourable thing and I am proud of her,” [Bis’s mother Salma] said.