Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Pro Israel festival in New Orleans

DYF 2.0-A Festival to Celebrate Israel
Declare Your Freedom is back and better than ever! This year, we're pulling out all the stops and holding a spring festival filled with music, speakers, food, and an all out celebration of Israeli culture!
 Hey Yawl!  ChloĆ© Valdary and Maor Shapira here coming to yawl from the heart of New Orleans! As some of you may know, Our team of dedicated students from Allies of Israel and with Tulane United For Israel, put together an amazing pro-Israel rally, the first of its kind in New Orleans's history. After much success, we're making DYF a yearly tradition in our community! And with other states like Florida and Minnesota potentially coming on board, DYF is going national!
As yawl know, Israel is a very important and dear country to our hearts.  The only Jewish state in the Middle East, Israel is a paragon of civil liberties, an amazing country filled with scientific and technological achievement, and a country that endeavors to spread good through out the world.
But more importantly, the only Jewish state is the realization of the Dream of Redemption for the Jewish people and the fulfillment of the Emancipation embedded within the Zionist Dream.Unfortunately, Israel is surrounded by enemies that threaten its existence. So we MUST support Israel in any way we can and Declare Your Freedom is a fun festive way to do exactly that!

These days, Israel is often mocked and ridiculed on school campuses. From Israel Apartheid Week to the ever popular BDS movement, the university has not historically been a pro-Israel environment. However we're working to change that! 
We spend the entire year fighting slander, writing publications, and holding events, and this Spring will be the LARGEST event of the school year, put together by the 

  • University of New Orleans, 
  • Tulane University, and 
  • McNese State
It  will illustrate our strength, solidarity, and perseverance as supporters of Israel. 

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