Sunday, August 26, 2007

"Blood and Honor" in New Zealand

Here's a little reminder of recent events in New Zealand

A rock concert commemorating Adolf Hitler's birthday held in New Zealand's capital has angered Jews and anti-racist groups....

The concert, which took place Friday night [20 April 2007] in Wellington, was organized by local skinheads belonging to [a] ...neo-Nazi organization Blood and Honor ... banned in several European countries.....New Zealand police, who were aware of the concert, said it was not illegal.

....Wellington's Jewish community was disgusted .... Israeli honorary consul David Zwartz said the concert was "distasteful and offensive..." ...

From The ADL Web site:
...August 6, 2004 - Wellington – A Jewish chapel was destroyed by fire and up to 90 Jewish headstones were pulled out of the ground and smashed at Makara Cemetery, on the outskirts of the nation's capital. Swastikas were cut into the cemetery lawn and etched on the chapel wall. Community officials described the desecration as the worst attack ever on the Jewish community of New Zealand.

July 15/16, 2004 - Wellington – Vandals smashed and overturned tombstones and carved a swastika into the grass in a Jewish cemetery. Some of the tombstones were over 100 years old....

Helen Clark, Prime Minister of New Zealand

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