Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Attack on Beqaa valley

From DEBKAfile : August 2, 2006, 12:44 AM (GMT+02:00) ...

A fleet of helicopters drops large Israeli special forces Tuesday night at the Shiite village of Shraifa west of Hizballah’s E. Lebanon stronghold of Baalbek

The Hizballah’s Beqaa commander Muhammad Yazbek is reported by DEBKAfile’s exclusive sources as having converted the Dar al Hikmeh Hospital in the village into the headquarters for his staff. Israel troops who made for this target are engaged in heavy clashes around the building.

Lebanese witnesses report an unprecedented number of Israeli warplanes over the Beqaa valley Tuesday night and aerial strikes against five Hizballah positions near Baalbek. From the Mediterranean, Israel naval artillery pounded Hizballah rocket sites on the Lebanese shore.

DEBKAfile’s senior military sources report Israel is going all out Tuesday night in an effort to finally overwhelm Hizballah on all fronts and generate conditions for the deployment of a multinational force in South Lebanon.

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