Friday, April 28, 2006

Kadima, Labor sign coalition agreement

From Ynet news 28/4/06 by Attila Somfalvi...

After three weeks of tiring negotiations with expected outcome, Labor Kadima sign coalition agreement; Labor will be given Defense, Education, Infrastructure, Tourism and Agriculture Ministries and two of its MKs will be ministers-without-portfolios. senior Kadima sources say deal with Shas finalized as well

...Kadima gave in to a Labor election promise of raising the minimum wage to USD 1000 by agreeing that the new figure will be a "target" of the new government. Between July of this year and the end of 2007, the minimum wage will be gradually raised by NIS 500 (USD 110).

Meretz to sneak in?
...As Labor and the Pensioners secure their place in the next government, it remains to be seen which other factions will be coalition partners. United Torah Judaism, Israel Our Home and Shas are the main contenders. Israel Our Home broadcast messages Thursday hinting it is likely to be in the opposition, which might clear the way for leftist Meretz to sneak in.

Meanwhile, senior Kadima sources told Ynet that a deal bringing Shas to the coalition has been finalized as well.

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