Thursday, August 18, 2005

Open Letter to President Bush

The following is from an open letter to President Bush, co-signed by Isi Liebler. The full version is on American Values - Israel Letter: (posted 18/8/05) ...

The President
The White House
Washington, DC 20500 August 1, 2005

Mr. President:
We write to you jointly from the vantage of a committed American Christian and a committed Israeli Jew, respectful of the courage and determination which you are displaying in the war against international terror. Equally we admire your principled approach to the complexities of the Middle East problem,...We write out of a sense of foreboding arising from recent statements by members of your Administration on this matter, most particularly that of Secretary of State Rice who on her visit last week complimented PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas for having taken 'important steps' against terrorism. This statement is not borne out by the facts as we know them.

....Certainly Mr. Abbas is more diplomatically astute than was Arafat, but in reality they are birds of a feather. Never at any time has Abbas declared his objection to terror on moral grounds. He repeats the mantra that terror is counter to Palestinian interests and at the same time unequivocally declares that he has no intention of dismantling the terrorist infrastructure, including even elements of Fatah, the terrorist subsidiary of his own organization. Just a few days ago one such member, an armed suicide bomber, was caught red-handed en route to Tel Aviv.

To this day, the official Palestinian media continue to highlight interviews with mothers of suicide bombers proudly expressing the hope that their other children will follow in the footsteps of their older shaheed siblings.

Beyond this Abbas has pleaded with the ghouls who organize suicide bombings –Hamas and Islamic Jihad - to partake in his government and has even invited Hamas terrorists to join his security forces. Mr. President – could you visualize authorizing your Administration to negotiate with a leader who was trying to enroll Bin Laden's killers to join his army?

...the fact of the matter is that the PA today remains one of the world's greatest breeding grounds for transforming human beings into lethal weapons.

...the United States provides substantial grants to the PA and recently authorized a major portion of the $3 billion annual package being provided by the G8 of industrialized nations. We were dismayed that these grants were not accompanied by a caveat that the PA first be obliged to dismantle the terror infrastructure, end the incitement, and ensure that these funds be monitored in a transparent manner to guarantee that they will not once more be funneled toward terror activities or into the secret bank accounts of corrupt Palestinian officials.

We therefore urge you, Mr. President, to ensure that the provision of these funds is made conditional on the PA undertaking corrective measures to curtail terror.

...the reality is that today, on the very eve of the unilateral withdrawals from Gaza and Northern Samaria, terrorism is again escalating. Israeli civilians are being subjected to daily mortar and rocket attacks, and increasing numbers of suicide bombers are being dispatched to commit carnage and create mayhem. Under such circumstances, the creation of what could only be described as a terror state controlled by virtual warlords would only send a message to terrorists the world over that terror does indeed pay.

In his efforts to reassure the Israeli public Prime Minister Sharon has been quoting your statement that Israel should be entitled to retain the major settlement blocs in the context of a final settlement. However Secretary of State Rice has recently been giving particular emphasis to the fact that this would depend on Palestinian consent, which will undoubtedly not be forthcoming. Might we therefore appeal to you Mr. President, to voice unqualified support for Israel's retention of these settlement blocs which are of existential importance to the Jewish state's very future? Such an endorsement would be fully consistent with the UN Security Council Resolution 242 of 1967.

...Mr. Abbas and his associates continue to ...(demand) ..."The right of return" (which) is in fact a prescription for the demographic destruction of the Jewish state. It would therefore be highly constructive if your Administration would at this time explicitly restate that there is no validity to the Palestinian demand for the right of return.

In the same context this would surely now also be an appropriate occasion to reiterate recognition of the historic links between the Jewish people and the Temple Mount of Jerusalem.....

...You are aware of the enormous domestic pain and turmoil Israel is going through at this time, because of the displacement of thousands of Israeli citizens from their homes as a consequence of the current disengagement plan. Yet there are increasing statements emanating from members of your Administration which might imply a return to the former discredited policies of moral equivalency whereby the distinction between the terrorists and their victims are often obfuscated. ...speak out and convey words of reassurance to the Israeli public. ...send a message to the world reiterating that the United States is holding fast and will never come to terms with those who have still to learn that the appeasement of evil and terror is a prescription for disaster.


Gary Bauer Isi Leibler

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