Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Letter to the West Australian

Copy of a letter to the West Australian 17/8/2005 ....

"Zionist dream ends in tears..." is not an appropriate caption for your front-page picture of the Gaza disengagement by Israel. The Zionist dream of a Jewish homeland, a free nation living in peace with its neighbours, has far from ended.

What has ended, for now, is the dream that Israel can achieve a reconciliation with its neighbours in the short term. It's happening because Israel loves life and seeks to protect its farmers and soldiers.

Free nations, that respect the rule of law and the human rights of all people, don't need to "disengage". On the contrary, they enagage with eachother, they welcome their neighbours and work with them for mutual benefit. Israel has held out its hand in peace year after year, only to be met with hatred, repeated wars, and terrorism.

This disengagament is the very sad result of decades of this hatred. The terrorists and murderers who celebrate this unilateral Israeli action as a "victory" of terror, are simply demonstrating their total absence of respect for their fellow human beings and their lack of understanding of reality. Like the death-cult leaders before them, those who always attacked the weak and innocent, from the biblical Amalek to Stalin, Hitler and Saddam Hussein, who believed they could dominate the world at the point of a sword, they are doomed to historic extinction.

Hopefully the Palestinians in Gaza will take this opportunity to demonsrate to the world what sort of nation they hope to build. They will have total control of Gaza, their own port and a border with Egypt, free of any Israeli checkpoint.

Will they build a constructive society prepared to take its place among the free nations, or will they squander their resources on importing weapons, inciting hatred and attempting to subjugate their own consituents and their neighbours?

The ball is in their court...

Steve Lieblich

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