Wednesday, June 29, 2005

WA Anglicans move to boycott Israel

Regina Titelius wrties in this morning's West Australian (not available on line):

The path is clear for Australia's Anglican offload investments in companies that "support the occupation" of Palestinian lands.

Debate by the Church in Australia will begin in earnest after the Anglican international council's decision at the weekend....(to adopt the recommendations of a report on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict issued last September by the Anglican Peace and Justice Network (APJN). One of its main backers is Bishop Riah Hanna Abu El-Assal of Jerusalem, who hosted the network's delegation during a 10-day visit.)

.....Perth's Anglican Archbishop Roger Herft said peace in Palestine was crucial to world peace and the Church would do everything it could to influence that.....his diocese was "very interested" in the international council's support for a boycott.....he was adamant that the Church's role included involvement in political issues.

Uniting Church moderator Reverend Gemmel Sherwood said his Church was "not closing off" consideration of a boycott similar to what the Anglican Church was contemplating..........

See JIW postings for the last two days (below) for a wealth of material on this issue.

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