Monday, May 02, 2016

Peace? Not for a long time...

From The Times of Israel, 27 April 2016, by Sally Abrams:

If the people of Gaza were free to choose, what sort of society would they build?
...Hamas, in control of Gaza for a decade, is not in the business of building an economic infrastructure. They are busy building terror tunnels into Israel. The materials, manpower, and money that go into constructing an apparatus to terrorize Israelis could be put into the service of building an economy for Palestinians.
[But] even under different leadership, a leadership dedicated to peaceful coexistence with Israel, the idea of tourists visiting a Gaza hotel or restaurant will take time to catch on. Probably a long time.
...what [would] people in Gaza choose for their future if they were free to do so.
[Surely] they would jump at the chance to advance themselves economically, to build a better future for their children, to embrace peace while building something amazing alongside Israel.
...yet another survey [shows] widespread Palestinian support for terror against Israelis.
... Gazans celebrated last week after a bus in Jerusalem was blown up. Hamas took credit for the attack.
... How long would it take to prepare the people of Gaza to live peacefully alongside Israel, to un-teach the toxic Jew-hatred in which these people have been immersed for decades? To help Gazans internalize the values that go into building a free, pluralistic, civil society?
...I don’t know the answer. maintain any hope for the [peace], we will need a lot of the [patience].

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