Tuesday, December 22, 2015

From Toronto 1991 to San Bernardino 2015

by Norman L. Roth, Toronto Canada

The conventional media, inclusive of Canada’s “official” Jewish branch, have air-brushed out of existence, a methodically planned 1991 Islamic terror plot, targeting 4,500 people in the Toronto metropolitan area. In retrospect, It can now be viewed as part of a deeply ingrained pattern of high-frequency behaviour, that has since been expanded to a global scale.

In 1991, five “Black Muslim” followers of the Pakistani based Jamaat Al Fuqra, stood accused of conspiring to blow up, simultaneously, two buildings in  Toronto’s Greater Metro Area.

If successful, the superbly organized cross-border operation would have resulted in the mass-murder and horrendous injuries  to as many as 4,500 Hindu Canadians. At the time, these events seemed isolated criminal activity. Now it is clear that they are structurally  linked to other events: Beads in a  quarter century  time-line  of well-planned, organized Jihad terror; Arising from the very core of Islamic practice and belief. Not the actions of a ‘small minority’ of misguided and deviant individuals, who are “unrepresentative of the overwhelming majority of peaceful Muslims”.

The target sites were:
  1. The India Center Cinema, capacity 500 plus staff, on Gerard St. East in downtown Toronto.
  2. The VISHNU Temple [capacity about 4000 worshippers] in Richmond Hill.
The attacks were timed diabolically  for the ancient  Festival of Lights, Diwali, when both sites are usually filled to capacity.

At the end of the trial in 1993 the presiding judge addressed the guilty parties:
“...A cold blooded conspiracy....Your actions are despicable; and represent a challenge to the fabric of our society”
The plot was enabled locally, on the Canadian side, by one “Glenn Wesselle Ford” a native of Trinidad, who described himself as a convert to the Muslim faith. He immigrated to Toronto and founded a branch of the Jamaat Al Fuqra movement founded by Sheikh Mubarik Ali Gilani headquartered in Lahore Pakistan - the very same individual whom Daniel Pearl was to have met before he was kidnapped and murdered in 2002.
“Our mission” declared Sheikh Gilani, “is to lead Muslims to OUR final victory over Communists, Zionists, Hindus and deviationists” [from his published book, “MOHAMMEDAN REVELATIONS”].

The book was taken as evidence at trial by Toronto’s Police Services. At trial it was revealed that “Glenn W. Ford” had travelled at least twice to Lahore Pakistan {which figured strongly in the infamous assault on Mumbai in 2008}. There he “studied” at the INTERNATIONAL QUARANI OPEN UNIVERSITY, whose staff included ‘teachers’ from Pakistan’s various security & intelligence services...Just like those who trained the “Shaheeds” who attacked Mumbai in 2008. 

“Ford”, whose capabilities should not be demeaned, imported three American “Soldiers of Allah” from Texas: Tyrone Cole, Albert Wesley and Caba Jose Harris. Purely by chance, the three were apprehended by alert American border staff at the Niagara Falls crossing. The evidence they found was shocking at the time. But is now anticipated as “the usual” ...especially the instructions on how to install military grade explosives around  natural gas lines, so as to maximise casualties and carnage.

Another document led to an address in Brooklyn New York, where a cache of assault rifles, seven hand guns and 2000 rounds of ammunition was stowed for pick-up by the three “Texans”.

But the outcomes of the trials were disappointing when viewed in retrospect. Five of the culprits “beat the big rap”....Conspiracy to commit [mass] murder. The three “Texans”, all members of Louis Farrakhan’s NATION of ISLAM, were convicted of the much lesser charge of “conspiring to commit mischief endangering life”. Each was sentenced to 12 years. And subsequently released and deported to the United States in 2006. 

Al Fuqra’s {Lahore Pakistan} superior planning skills, were subsequently linked  to the first assault on the World Trade Center’s Twin Towers in 1993, casualties, six dead and 1042 wounded.


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