Sunday, November 08, 2015

Grovelling for "two states"

From A7, 7 November 2015, by Mark Langfan:

PM Netanyahu’s non-stop offerings to Abbas of the two-state solution . . . offers Abbas . . _a “demilitarized Palestinian State” if Abbas would only agree to accept Israel. But Netanyahu’s groveling offers of a two-state solution not only don’t validate Israel’s bona fides as a legitimate state, they delegitimize Israel’s very existence.

 . . Netanyahu’s offer of “talks anywhere, anytime” . . . shows pathetic desperation and rewards Abbas for his genocidal incitement and encouragement of  blood-dripping murder sprees.

Do Netanyahu’s offerings of a 'West Bank' Palestinian state make Israel appear more “legitimate” or “reasonable” to the world?  . . .  It makes Israel look like a cheap thief who was caught red-handed, and wants to start to negotiate on keeping some of his ill-gotten loot.

. . . only a petty-thief who stole the land to begin with would offer half of his land as an opening offer for negotiations.  Netanyahu’s offer of  two-states only served to convince the world that the Palestinian narrative claiming that Israel “stole the land” must be true.

Imagine a Palestinian would-be terrorist listening to Netanyahu's offer for “anywhere, anytime” talks while Abbas is inciting teenage Palestinian Arabs to murder any Jew of any age. Netanyahu’s weakness incites the Palestinian would-be stabber to action because he thinks to himself, if stabbings made Israel agree to two-state solution talks, then more stabbing of Jews will make Netanyahu even more desperate to give up territory.

. . . throughout the horror of Palestinian Arab murders, Netanyahu keeps begging for peace talks and spouting about the two-state solution.

Netanyahu’s two-state solution gambits don’t make Israel look reasonable, they don't make the world love us. Instead, they make Israel and the world’s Jews look desperate. And that is a far cry from what the Jewish State was supposed to be about.

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