Wednesday, May 02, 2012

1-4 May, 1948: Arab Legion massacres Jewish residents of East Jerusalem

From This time, in 1948: 1 May, 1948: an Arab force ambushed a Jewish convoy on the way to Hadassah Hospital (in "East Jerusalem"), killing 77 Jews, including doctors, nurses, patients, and the director of the hospital. Another 23 people were injured. This massacre attracted little attention and is never mentioned by those who are quick to bring up Deir Yassin. Moreover, despite attacks such as this against the Jewish community in Palestine, in which more than 500 Jews were killed in the first four months after the partition decision alone, Jews did not flee. On May 4, 1948: the Arab Legion attacked Kfar Etzion. The defenders drove them back, but the Legion returned a week later. After two days, the ill-equipped and outnumbered Jewish settlers were overwhelmed. Many defenders were massacred after they surrendered. In all, 148 people were killed, including the settlement's Palmach defenders. Only four people survived.

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