Thursday, January 20, 2011

UN met only 52% of target for Palestinian aid in 2010

From JPost, 20 January 2011, by TOVAH LAZAROFF:

First time such large gap exists between initial aid request, amount of money donated since UN began humanitarian appeal to member states, international organizations in 2003.

The UN was only able to fund 52 percent of the humanitarian aid it wanted to provide to Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza in 2010, according to statistics it released on Wednesday at a press conference in Jerusalem.

It’s the first time such a large gap has existed between the initial aid request and the amount of money donated since the UN began a humanitarian appeal for Palestinians to member states and international organizations in 2003.

...The UN raised funds that met 79% of its humanitarian requests for Palestinians in 2009 and 75% in 2008.

...What frustrates him about the Palestinian appeal, [UN humanitarian coordinator for the occupied Palestinian territories, Maxwell] Gaylard said, is that unlike in a natural disaster, the humanitarian problem in the West Bank is man-made and unnecessary.

Humanitarian assistance there is a necessity, but it is not the answer, he said.

The situation can only be resolved through a political solution that would bring peace and prosperity to the region, Gaylord said.

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