Monday, March 22, 2010

Fatah criticises Hamas for not being pro-terror enough

From Elder of Ziyon, Sunday, March 21, 2010:

Yesterday, Hamas leader Mahmoud Zahar said that the recent fatal rocket fire from Gaza was meant to undermine Hamas' authority and played into the hands of Israel. He stopped just short of saying that those behind the attacks were collaborators with Israel.

Today, he is being criticized for his public statements against rocket fire by the usual collection of terror groups -by

A Fatah spokesman, Fayez Abu Eita, accused Hamas of abandoning terror ("resistance") in order to maintain its hold on power. He said that the people elected haams to be their leaders because they were shooting rockets into Israel, but unfortunately the treasonous Hamas has done a 180 degree turn and now is campaigning against the rockets.

This is hardly the first time that Fatah has criticized Hamas for not being violent enough. Yet the Western media never mentions these little facts, because they have their meme that "Hamas=terrorist, Fatah=peace partners" and they cannot afford to let people know that their wisdom has been somewhat lacking.

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