Saturday, January 16, 2010

Shared US-Israel Interests

From The Jewish Week, 12/1/10, by The Editors:

... “U.S. to double weapons stockpile in Israel,” JTA reported, adding that “Israel would be allowed to use the equipment in a military emergency.”

... In an increasingly perilous world, the United States and Israel have more shared interests than ever before. Israel has long been on the front lines in the battle between lawless terrorists and the civilized world. In the post-9/11 era, America, too, has become a target, and cooperation between the two allies grows stronger by the day.

The United States has vast and complex interests across the Middle East.  ...Israel remains our most reliable and important friend in the region...

For all its problems, Israel remains a vibrant democracy in a part of the world where democracy is an alien concept. U.S. policymakers at every level, in both major parties, understand the myriad ways in which that fact boosts our nation’s interests around the world...

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