Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Fatah salutes a killer

The following 34-second YouTube clip from Palestinian Media Watch, shows the recent Fatah congress's adulation of Khaled Abu-Usbah, a brutal thug in a group of eleven, led by Dalal Mughrabi that massacred 37 Israelis, including 10 children, on a bus, on 5 March 1978. Remember, these are the "moderates"....

The following excerpt from Time Magazine, 20 March 1978, describes the attack:

... last week a Palestinian suicide mission left a grisly trail of carnage along Israel's main coastal highway from Haifa to Tel Aviv.

Slipping ashore from the Mediterranean on the afternoon of the Sabbath, the terrorists hijacked two buses filled with tourists and sightseers, took them on a wild ride down the road toward Tel Aviv, shooting along the way at everyone in sight, and finally destroyed one bus in an orgy of fire and death.

Official statistics put the dead at 37 (all but a few of them civilians, among them at least 10 children) and 76 wounded—a toll that exceeded the 1972 Munich massacre (11 dead) and the slaughter at a Ma'alot school in 1974 (26).

It was the worst terrorist attack in Israel's history [at the time of publication: 20 March 1978 - SL]....

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Anonymous said...

So what's the point Steve? Jews realize that the only worthy partner for negotiation is the one who has proven himself the most deadly to Jews, because that is the only worthy credential in the Islamo-Nazi world. Were Hitler alive today, vowing to destroy the jewish state, mainstream Jewish leadership would have demanded good-faith negotiations, maybe one can wring the cocession of murder limited to certain locales but sparing others. What am I thinking? Shimon Peres implored exactly that of yassir Arafat!! So, nothing new under the sun, mass murderers of Jews will always be the precious assets for both the antisemites and the autho-antisemite Galuthists