Tuesday, June 09, 2009

US bullies Israel

The essence [with my emphasis - SL], from an article in the Australian by Abraham Rabinovich, Jerusalem June 09, 2009:

UNCERTAINTY in Israel about how the Obama administration would deal with the Middle East has given way to the realisation that a new era has begun ...after Barack Obama's landmark address to the Muslim world in Cairo last week and comments at the weekend by US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton criticising Jewish settlements on the West Bank.

...Mr Obama ...called for a two-state solution and a freeze on the Jewish settlements.

Mrs Clinton at the weekend rejected Israel's argument that under an agreement with the Bush administration Israel could continue "natural growth" of the settlements as long as it was in the form of infill, rather than expansion on to more Palestinian land.

"That was an understanding entered into, so far as we are told, orally," she said. "That was never made a part of the official record of negotiations as it was passed on to our administration." [Is that a "denial" or a statement that US won't abide by oral agreements? - SL]

...Mr Obama's envoy to the Middle East, George Mitchell, was due to arrive in Israel last night. He is expected to establish an office here from which to monitor Israeli settlement activity and the implementation of its promise to dismantle illegal outposts on the West Bank....

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Jennie said...

What else can we expect from a president who attended a church whose pastor preached anti-Semitic remarks, and who was a good friend of Louis Farrakhan. One can not be a member of such a church for 20 years without subscribing to the beliefs expressed by his pastor, a man he called his "spiritual mentor."