Thursday, February 12, 2009

National Union says may not support Netanyahu

From Ynet News, 12/2/09, by Kobi Nahshoni:

Likud chairman meets with right-wing party's representatives, asks them to recommend to president to let him form new government. 'No one will recommend him so that Livni can sit in his government,' says party leader Yaakov Katz

Likud Chairman Benjamin Netanyahu met Thursday morning with representatives of the National Union and to ask them to recommend that President Shimon Peres task him with forming the new government, but the right-wing party has apparently decided to keep all options open.

"We are not in anyone's pocket and may not recommend anyone to the president," National Union Chairman Yaakov Katz told Ynet before the meeting.

A scheduled meeting between Netanyahu and representatives of the Habayit Hayehudi [Jewish Home] party has been postponed to next week.

..."If we have the slightest doubt that as a result of our recommendation Bibi will be sitting in the next government with (Kadima Chairwoman) Tzipi Livni and negotiating Annapolis, another Arab country between the sea and the Jordan River, giving away parts of the Land of Israel and dealing improperly with the outposts, the chances we'll recommend him are close to nothing.

..."...He can have an excellent government of 65 supporters which will function four full years, but I don’t know if he has the power and courage to do so. ...this may cause him to lose not only our recommendation, but that of Shas, United Torah Judaism and Habayit Hayehudi as well. No one will recommend him to find themselves outside, with Tzipi Livni inside the government." ...

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