Monday, January 26, 2009

George Mitchell's Return ...

From Daniel Pipes' Blog, Thu, 22 Jan 2009 (updated Sun, 25 Jan 2009) [emphasis added - SL]:

Barack Obama with George Mitchell, his Special Envoy for the Middle East.

Obama's appointment of the former U.S. Senate leader as "Special Envoy for the Middle East" has met with good reviews ... But not [from] me.

First, how can one hold in high regard someone who came out with the wretched Sharm El-Sheikh Fact-Finding Committee Report also known as the "Mitchell Report," of April 2001? I did an analysis of it when it appeared at "Mitchell report missed it." I called it "a great disappointment."

A couple of excerpts:

  • it reveals the would-be peacemaker´s typical unwillingness to judge right and wrong.… Not wanting to offend, in other words, creates an illusionary balance of blame ("Fear, hate, anger, and frustration have risen on both sides," says the report) that makes it impossible to distinguish between aggressor and victim, between right and wrong.
  • the Mitchell report suggests that Israel "should freeze all settlement activity" to mollify the Palestinians. This is a step the Israelis never agreed to, even when negotiations were under way. To do so now rewards the Palestinians for engaging in violence, something objectionable in principle and ineffectual in practice.
  • the report emphasizes getting the two parties back to the negotiating table, as though this were an end in itself. It seems oblivious to the important fact that negotiations over the past eight years did not bring the parties closer to a settlement but, to the contrary, exacerbated differences and had a role in the outbreak of violence.

I found that Mitchell and his committee were "myopically unaware of the real issue at hand, which is not violence, or Jewish settlements, or Jerusalem. It is, rather, the enduring Arab reluctance to accept the existence of a sovereign Jewish state." I suggested that, the real solution "lies not in getting the parties back as fast as possible to diplomacy, but in instilling in the Palestinians an awareness of the futility of their use of violence against the Jewish state."

Second, how can one take seriously yet another diplomatic initiative? Here is a partial listing of diplomatic initiatives undertaken since 2001:

Albert Einstein defined insanity as "doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." Could someone explain to me how that definition does not apply to this fifteenth effort? Does anyone wish to wager on its chances for success?


Steve Lieblich said...
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Steve Lieblich said...

Even " awareness of the futility of [Palestinian] violence against the Jewish state" is just a staring point.

The Arabs must then dismantle a decades-long campaign of vilification and incitment to hatred and violence, starting with their education system. Just as they invested decades to inculcate the hatred and the terrorism, it will require decades more to undo the damage.