Friday, January 02, 2009

Gazan Mosque Used as Rocket Storage and Launching Site

From the IDF, 31 December 2008:

The IAF targeted a mosque in the Tel El Hawwa neighborhood of Gaza City on Wednesday afternoon that was used by Hamas as a Grad missile and Qassam rocket storage site. The Gazan mosque was also turned into a staging ground for rockets and for launching missiles. The most recent rocket launching from the mosque occurred Wednesday morning.

The strike set off numerous secondary explosions caused by the munitions stockpiled in the mosque. [see it on the attached video]

In recent days, joint IDF and ISA intelligence efforts brought to light the information that terrorists were stockpiling weapons in the mosque and carrying out rocket attacks against Israeli communities from the mosque’s grounds, as well as using it as a hiding place. The IDF will continue to attack any target used for terrorist activity and will not hesitate to strike those involved in terrorism against the citizens of the State of Israel, even if they choose to operate from locations of religious or cultural significance.

.... In addition to the mosque ...targets include the following:

  • Weapons manufacturing and storage facilities in southern Gaza, including a storage site in the Khan Younis area where Amar Abu Ghalula, a senior commander of the Islamic Jihad's rocket infrastructure, was present. Three additional Islamic Jihad operatives were in the facility at the time of the IAF strike.
  • A tunnel in the Khan Younis area that was used for the smuggling of operatives and weaponry.
  • A Hamas outpost and training camp in Gaza City, which was also used as a weaponry manufacturing site and place of assembly for senior members of the terror organization.
  • Rocket launching sites, several of which were underground, as well as a number of loaded Grad launchers.

...the IDF has so far attacked 450 Hamas targets in the Gaza Strip. The IDF will continue to operate against terror organizations and will not hesitate to strike those involved both directly and indirectly in attacks against the citizens of the State of Israel.

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