Sunday, May 04, 2008

Beit-Hanoun family killed by Hamas explosives

From The IDF Web site, 02 May 2008:

... The inquiry group, appointed by the GOC Southern Command, Major General Yoav Galant, to investigate the circumstances of the incident in Beit Hanoun in which unassociated civilians were hurt on April 28th, 2008, has finished its work and submitted its conclusions.

Conclusions rising from the investigation point out the following:

A. Four armed gunmen firing at the soldiers were spotted in the area carrying back packs loaded with ammunition and various weapons.

B. The attacks against the gunmen were accurate and the gunmen were hit.

C. The secondary explosions triggered by the weaponry and ammunition carried by the gunmen were bigger than the ones caused by the ammunition used by the IDF.

D. The possibility that the family was hit by other IDF fire was eliminated since this was the only incident recorded that day in which attacks were carried out in the area.

E. The professional opinion of the IDF states that the family was hit during the explosion of the second missile that ignited the secondary explosions or from objects that had flown towards them from the strength of the explosion.

Between the 28th and the 29th of April, 2008, IDF forces operated against terror threats in Izbet neighborhood in Beit Hanoun in order to search the area and to arrest wanted Palestinians. ... Four gunmen ...were spotted carrying back packs loaded with ammunition. One gunmen carrying one of the back packs was targeted and hit from the air. As a result a strong secondary explosion accrued. Immediately after the explosion the second gunmen was targeted and hit as well causing an even bigger explosion.

Both explosions were significantly stronger than those caused by the IDF attacks against them. .... It should be emphasized that the armed gunmen were operating near by the family's house, therefore endangering their lives. The IDF wishes to express sorrow for any harm to unassociated civilians caused due to terrorist organizations that operate from populated centers, using them as human shields.

To watch the IDF operation in Beit-Hanoun click here

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