Wednesday, April 04, 2007

"we are about to see an inferno"

From the Arab Times (Kuwait), 4/1/07, by Ahmed Al-Jarallah Editor-in-Chief ....

NO one will believe the story that the 15 British Royal Navy personnel were ‘kidnapped’ for crossing into Iran’s territorial water. It is hard to believe the confessions of some of these soldiers on TV were not dictated by their kidnappers.

...We used to see such irrational behavior from Saddam Hussein before he was toppled by a devastating international storm. Iran cannot afford to follow in the footsteps of Saddam, especially when we consider the huge imbalance in power between Iran and the international community. Iran’s military parades may impress its poor people, but these will turn the tables on Tehran, which may face a fate similar to that of Saddam.

Iran should not live in an illusion and believe that the United States has been defeated in Iraq ...... Iran should be aware of the fact the US and its allies have liberated Iraq....America is not the loser. The real losers are the people of Iraq and Iran, which is facing international sanctions. Soon these sanctions will devastate the economy of Iran.The United States has not been defeated and it will not leave Iraq.

....If Iran’s calculations were rational and free of political theories, it will find out that it has lost the support and cooperation of other countries in the region. The money spent by Tehran on meaningless military parades and showoffs will only lead to hatred and animosity against Iran. Having failed to learn any worthwhile lesson from the bloody history of Saddam Hussein, Iran is repeating the mistakes of the former Iraqi President. By kidnapping British navy personnel and keeping them hostages Iran is attracting military action against itself.....

... we are about to see an inferno, which will engulf all countries in the region.

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