Monday, October 16, 2006

Police recommend Katsav rape charge

From October 16, 2006, from correspondents in Jerusalem ...

ISRAELI police told the attorney general overnight there was enough evidence to indict President Moshe Katsav on charges of rape, sexual harassment and wire-tapping, at the end of a weeks-long probe.

"There is sufficient evidence indicating that in several cases... the president carried out acts of rape, forced sexual acts, sexual acts without consent and sexual ...[and] indicating violation of the law banning wire-tapping by the president," the police statement said following a meeting between investigators, Attorney General Menachem Mazuz in Jerusalem.

During recent weeks, police had investigated no less than 10 complaints of rape and sexual harassment by former Katsav employees ....Police sources now say that an indictment could be filed in three or four of these cases.

The married Iranian-born 61-year-old father-of-five, who could yet be forced to resign, has denied the allegations and rejected calls that he step down pending the investigation....

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