Thursday, September 14, 2006

Israeli Arabs claim publc lynching is "self defence"

From Ynet, 14/9/06, by Ahiya Raved...

Seven suspects, who were arrested for allegedly lynching Jewish terrorist Eded Natan-Zada after he killed four Arab citizens in bus in Shfaram, released from house arrest

The Haifa Magistrate's Court on Wednesday issued an order to release seven Shfaram residents from house arrest. The seven were arrested at the beginning of June for allegedly being involved in the 2005 lynching of the Jewish terrorist. After three weeks in prison, the seven were transferred to house arrest under limiting conditions.

Maher Talhami, who represents one of the suspects, said that a few days ago the entire dossier was transferred to the State Prosecutor's Office, a step which indicates that the investigation was over. "The house arrest was supposed to end on Friday, but because the investigation was over...the court ordered their release and the lifting of all restrictions," he said.

During the 13 months since the lynching of Natan-Zada, the police were investigating those who killed the Jewish terrorist and trying to bring to their indictment.

The arrest of the seven, which was highly publicized, was severely criticized by the residents of Shfaram, who said that even if the suspects were involved in killing Natan-Zada, they were acting in self defense. The police, however, maintained they were involved in murder. The prosecution will decide if there is sufficient evidence in the material obtained by the police to indict the suspects and to what degree.

Also see Killer's last moments (Ynetnews, 7/8/05) in which an Arab photographer captures Shfaram terrorist bound by his hands, moments before the angry mob kills him.

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