Sunday, December 04, 2005

Genocide Then And Now

From GAMLA: News & Views from Israel ::: Remembering For The Future - Genocide Then And Now: by Louis Rene Beres, November 20, 2005 ...

It is essential today... that the Begin Doctrine be reinvigorated and declared. Now, just as during the Second World War, Jews face the threat of mass murder because of atomic weapons. ...In certain respects at least, the nuclear danger to Jews is even greater today than during World War II... with the concentration of more than five million Jews within a state that is half the size of Lake Michigan, genocide has now become a much simpler operational task. In an unspeakable irony the Zionist solution to what Herzl called the 'Jewish Problem' could soon make much easier what Hitler called the 'Final Solution to the Jewish Question.'

...Faced with the newest form of organized Jewish extinction, Israel`s leaders must soon remind the world that the "Begin Doctrine" is still entirely consistent with the established right of anticipatory self- defense under international law. Following such an appropriate jurisprudential reminder, it must make prompt tactical preparations to prevent a looming Jewish genocide by implementing a number of established military means, including comprehensive plans for the preemptive destruction of various enemy WMD targets and infrastructures.

Other coordinated and corollary Israeli efforts must be directed at particular regime targets, ranging from pertinent national leadership elites to those individual scientists in different parts of the globe who now fashion or prepare to fashion biological and nuclear weapons for exclusively genocidal purposes. This proposed killing of enemy scientists making mega-weapons for dangerous regimes is assuredly not unprecedented practice by Israeli or American operatives, nor is it by any means a prima facie violation of international law. Similar Israeli/American tactics of "targeted killings" must remain in place against certain terrorist leaders, and should quickly be extended and expanded to any such leaders with documented plans to create nuclear or certain biological weapons of mass destruction.

During World War II, a number of Arab leaders went directly to Berlin to meet with Hitler. There, they enthusiastically offered their own armed forces to extend the European annihilation of Jews to portions of the Islamic Middle East. At that time the Allies did everything possible to prevent the wartime nuclearization of Germany and, very successfully, at least for that moment, to create an atomic monopoly for the United States.

Today, aware that it cannot possibly permit a single Arab state or movement, or Iran, to ever acquire authentic weapons of mass destruction, Israel must prepare to do whatever is needed to prevent another Jewish genocide. This is now a genuinely sacred obligation, not only to Israel`s currently imperiled population, but also to the memory of those murdered Six Million who now sleep in the dust. Today, as before, justice and the prevention of new crimes are two sides of the same coin.

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