Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Teach Kids Peace

I just signed the petition at: Teach Kids Peace http://www.teachkidspeace.com the web site of an international human rights organization dedicated to ending the Culture of Hatred that is being taught to children in conflict zones, though raising public awareness and calling on world leaders to take the required action to prevent this form of child abuse.

This is for anyone who's concerned about the rights and future of children in the Middle East. For anyone who believes that all children deserve happy dreams -- and not dreams of becoming suicide bombers.

The petition calls on the US and Canadian Governments, European Union, Arab League, and United Nations:

* To demand a stop to the training of children for combat and conducting warfare in areas with children.

* To promote values of democracy, and the teaching of peace curricula in schools.

* In particular, to stop the Palestinian Authority from promoting a culture of hatred, encouraging violence, and glorifying suicide bombing.

It takes less than 10 seconds to sign the petition.


Don't let today's children become tomorrow's terrorists.


and pass the message on...

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