Friday, August 01, 2014

The response to the officer kidnap will be harsh

From Jerusalem Online, 1 Aug 2014, by Rio Avitayler:

Government official: “The response to the officer kidnap will be harsh”

"At this point we can forget about a ceasefire", an official in the government clarifies that IDF will respond Harshly after 2nd Lt. Hadar Goldin was abducted by Hamas. Ministers in the right wing are furious. Ariel: “Topple Hamas once and for all”. Katz: “It will not be over until Hamas is defeated.”

Israel is furious following the suspicion of the kidnap of 2nd Lt. Hadar Goldin, following an engagement with terrorists in Rafah this morning. A state official clarified that: “The response will be harsh”

...Like the rest of Israel, the political sphere received the dire news with horror. Hour and half after the ceasefire began. Minister Uri Ariel (Bait Yehudi), opposed to the ceasefire. “I support IDF forces that are acting bravely to find the missing the soldier, the concept of ceasefire is blowing up in our faces again and again. I call the prime minister to assemble the government to take a clear decision to take down Hamas once and for all.”

The minister Israel Katz (Likud), believes that the end of the operation is still far away. “We are in the midst of a war that is far from over, and believe me, it will not be over until Hamas is defeated. There will be many more hard moments, and we all must be united and stand behind IDF and its brave soldiers. This is not the time for cleavages and conflicts among us.”

The leader of the opposition, MK Yitzhak "Buji" Herzog, tries to support the nation and the IDF. “We will not break and will be deterred, I support our soldiers in the field, that will do everything in order to bring back our kidnapped soldier and we hope for better news.”

MKs Carmel Shama Hacohen (Likud) supports those that objected the ceasefire. “Maybe now the nations of the world, and us as well, will finally understand who we are dealing with, we may argue whether we acted right or wrong, and whether it was a good idea to publicly object the ceasefire, but now it turns out they were right”.

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