Friday, August 01, 2014

Countering the malicious propaganda campaign against Israel

1 August 2014
To: members, associates and supporters of the Legal Forum for Israel 

I am writing to you in light of the intense and malicious propaganda campaign that is presently being waged against Israel in the international media, and by international organizations and leading international personalities.

This campaign consists inter alia of constant repetition of false and unfounded allegations that Israel's forces are committing war crimes. This is fueled by Hamas propaganda and tragic graphic images, all aimed at influencing international public opinion and decision makers, with the aim of isolating, delegitimizing and putting pressure on Israel.

As we can all see, and as anticipated, this campaign is indeed succeeding, and despite the inherent justification for Israel's actions against Hamas, international public opinion is once again increasingly hostile to Israel - even more hostile than it usually is at the best of times, - and needless to say, this is fueling the hatred and anti-semitism that has always existed.

The attached legal paper, prepared on the initiative of Moshe Eyal, co-director of the Legal Forum, and others, summarizes the pertinent legal issues, detailing the extent of the international crimes being committed by Hamas and the extraordinary lengths to which Israel's forces are going to strictly abide by the rules of international humanitarian law and norms.

As jurists, and even those supporters of the Legal Forum for Israel that are not jurists, you are urged to use this paper in your interactions with politicians, media, legislators, the general public, and Jewish and non-Jewish community leaders, and where relevant to write appropriate op-ed pieces and to give media interviews.

In addition to forwarding this  paper to you for your continued use, it also has been widely distributed by the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs and has been taken up by other bodies.


Alan Baker, Ambassador(ret'), Attorney
Director, International Action Division, Legal Forum for Israel 

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