Monday, January 19, 2009

Europe is saving itself

I received this passionate letter this evening from Yuval Brandstetter MD, "of Lehavim, the bombarded Negev" (don't look for a link to the source article - it came as an email):

Olmert's victory photo, the leaders of free Europe standing at his side to confront HAMAS, and to support HAMAS, is indeed heart-rending. Here are 6 personalities representing more than 300 million Europeans, who are left with no choice but to take sides with the previously humble downtrodden Jew and proclaim: Please save us. We are weak, we are neutered, we are powerless. You are powerful, you are a warrior, please save us from the fangs of the Jihadi predator.

That is Europe's main dilemma. There is wide-spread acknowledgment that Jihad is the common enemy, that Jihad has no inhibitions. They all realize Israel's best claim goes thus: You murdered six million Jews willfully, now you can take in four million Arabs. Four hundred and fifty million Europeans, the world's most prosperous landmass, can and must absorb four million Arabs as the just compensation for the willful Genocide Europe perpetrated upon the Jewish people. Should you persist in taking the Arab side of the conflict we shall make Emigration our policy. And they will emigrate, to London, to Paris, to Dusseldorf, where they will join their well-ensconced Jiahdi brethren. This is the fear that drives Europe's leaders to Jerusalem. Please, be humane, don’t push Jihad our way. We have a difficult time with them as it is. Please take money, reconstitute them where they are now. Please allow out navies, such as they are, to try and prevent arms shipments so that you do not encourage Emigration. The fear of Eurabia brought the leaders of Europe on their knees to Jerusalem to ask for pity upon Europe, from Israel.

This was Olmert's finest hour. For a relatively small investment he brought Europe to its knees, wielding the whip of the export of Jihad to Europe. Now one must proceed to the next stage. Tell the European leaders the Arabs are an Arab problem which must be solved in Arab lands, neither in Israel nor in Europe. Tell the Americans that support of perfidious Egypt will result in the export of Jihad to Europe and America.

That could have been the defining moment of the Olmert premiership, but as is the custom, this opportunity has ended up in the waste-basket of History, and we the Jewish People will continue to suffer under the yoke of local and international Jihad, from within and without, till the next round of blood-shed.

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