Saturday, January 24, 2009

Proxy warfare by perfidious Egypt

From another opinion piece, received by email 12/1/09, by Yuval Brandstetter MD:

It is thirty two years since the President of Egypt Anwar Sadat came to Jerusalem and bemused the world with a vision of a new Middle East where there is "no more war, no more blood-shed". This grand gesture where the ruthless dictator broke ranks with Arab rejectionism and proved one could get huge concessions for one speech and a worthless piece of paper, (as he himself termed his gift to Menachem Begin) is celebrated in the annals of the Nobel prize winners as "peace".

All that is required in order to reveal the gargantuan hoax that is the "peace" agreement between Egypt and Israel is to examine with some detail the photo of Menachem Begin whispering in Sadat's ear. Sadat's tie is a Nazi emblem. It is a flag of swastikas rolled up as a neck-tie. It is right up Begin's face, and he chooses to disregard it, in honor of the Nazi willing to address a bunch of gullible Jews.

Sadat's tie

This gullibility set the tone for thirty two years of blood-shed, self-delusion and a precipitous decrease of confidence in the future of the Jewish State. True, Egyptian forces have not participated in direct warfare against the Jewish State. Nor has the Soviet Union committed troops during the Cold War.

But proxy warfare, the bread and butter of the Cold War, is exactly the kind of war prosecuted by the Nazi authoritarian despotic regimes of both Egypt and Syria, Syria using he Lebanese factions, and Egypt using the UNWRA-sanctioned Gaza Arabs as cannon-fodder.

After all, the whole Palestinian Liberation Organization was begun as an Islamo-Nazi project directed by Nasser back in the heady sixties. It was only natural that when Egypt reacquired an interface with it own minions following the withdrawal of Israel from the Sinai in 1979, that this control be re-asserted. Lest one maintain that a thirty-two year period is too long of a conspiracy, let us remember that the present Egyptian Nazi-inspired regime was established in 1952, fifty seven years ago, led by military officers who were arrested and jailed for Nazi activity right through WWII.

Why was Sadat murdered in 1981? A misunderstanding committed by the Muslim Brotherhood, the root organization of International Jihad now infesting the world. Despite strenuous explanations Sadat could not convince the Faithful that his performance in the Knesset, his apparent recognition of the Jewish State, were nothing but a Huddaybiyah ploy. A subterfuge designed to wring concessions, which changes nothing in the total permanent status of warfare extant between the rightful Muslims and the Blasphemous Jewish State.

Sadat failed to prove that in reality the "peace" agreement has nothing to do with recognition, and everything to do with a more subtle and much more effective mode of War. And so he died, after having done more for the undoing of the Jewish State than any other Arab leader.

Hosny Mubarak who took up the scepter of despotism is a careful man. A man devoted to the Primary Objective, the dismantling of the Jewish State. Some Jews have actually realized and uttered such warnings. “Egypt is Israel’s most dangerous enemy”. said Matan Vilnai in his role as Deputy Chief of the General Staff. "Egypt is responsible for the bombardment of Ashkelon", says Yuval Steinitz a former dove turned realist.

Having taken up the thread Mubarak has been relentless in arming his cannon-fodder, carefully maintaining his stance as the ultimate dealer of the cards, and never according the Jewish State his official recognition via a formal visit.

The border separating Gaza from the Sinai is 8 miles long. A wall was erected by Israel, and a security road named the Philadelphi corridor, separates the Strip from the Sinai peninsula. Under Egyptian tutelage hundreds of tunnels were dug, right from houses hard up against the wall on the Egyptian side, crossing into the Gaza strip. As soon as Israel left the Gaza Strip and relinquished the Corridor thousands of tons of explosive were pushed through. Arms, ammunition, detonators, experts, personnel, and of course rockets, made in Iran and China were shoved to the proxies.

Those rockets raining down on Beer-Shevas, Lehavim (my hometown) are all available to the proxies courtesy of, by the complicity of, by the order of the Egyptian Muhabarat, the Military intelligence. At the top of that hierarchy where the buck stops is the President, the inscrutable Hosny Mubarak, and he is ultimately responsible for the War on the Jews prosecuted by HAMAS.

Ideally, the present outbreak of hostilities should not have broken out. Omar Sullayman, at the head of the Muhabarat, kept a tight control on his operatives. His aim was simple. To make life on the Israeli side as difficult as possible. To compel Israel to capitulate slowly to the Arab demand of Anschluss, while stultifying Jewish development of the Negev, at the same time increasing the Arab population of the Negev, slowly eroding Israel's control of her south-western flank. This was done by exerting perceptibly mounting military pressure using urban warfare asymmetric tactics. He has done a tremendous job. His first success was in driving Israel to abandon its control of most of Gaza. He then succeeded in driving Israel into abandonment of civilian towns and villages and relinquished control of the arms highway into the Strip. His success is evident in the fact that the Jewish population of the Negev is slowly diminishing, Arab population is increasing by leaps and bounds, the Jews serving the Arabs via the dictum of the welfare State and judicial mandates.

Most of the Arabs now swelling the ranks of the Negev Jihad are the progeny of Gazan women imported by the local Arabs already holding the Jewish State hostage to their demands. Given some more years of carefully doled-out firepower from Gaza, and the incessant infiltration of Arabs from the Sinai, Israel might have been forced to give up on the Negev, as it has given up on the Katif settlement block.

Unfortunately explosives tend to self-detonate under some circumstances. HAMAS was unwilling to adhere to the puppet-master's regimen, the carefully measured dose was over-prescribed, precipitating a violent Jewish back-lash. Somewhat analogous to the Defensive Shield outburst following the Park Hotel Last supper mass murder, march 2002. The problem with Arab calculation is they never quite figure out the precise point at which docile gullible Jews turn into dragon-busting Israelis. Even now Egyptian position is that Egypt will never assume control of the Gaza mess, which must be solved by bursting the abscess into Israel, and that no International oversight will be permitted in Sinai, that might compromise the control Egypt has over the height of the flames scorching Israel's back-side.

Perfidious Egypt is now facing a conundrum. Should they stymie their proxies so as to return to the tried-and-true war of attrition, thereby inflaming the Arab Street? Or should they allow HAMAS to goad the Jews further, trusting the International Jihad-loving Media and Israel appeasement cohorts to tone down the Israeli rage?

Now this is truly playing with fire because Israel might suddenly decide that the Arab proxy problem is actually an Egyptian problem, and change direction. From careful tweezer strikes at the terrorists with precision application of ordnance, to an all out destruction of Gaza, while driving the population West, across the wall into the Sinai peninsula. After all, if Gaza is considered nothing but an impermanent refugee camp awaiting Anschluss (and so it is presented by Main stream Western and Arab media) then the same camp can be re-erected in Sinai, under the auspices of the same UNWRA which has maintained Arab refugee status for sixty years!!

Israel is faced essentially with the same conundrum. Should Israeli forces move into Gaza city and eliminate the terror threat, possibly a very costly operation with the specter of the assumption of care for a million point five Jihadis? Or should Israel do as the Soviets did, and tear the city down driving the population into the Sinai?

Such action is sure to inflame Egyptian sentiment to tear up that worthless paper, and put back Egypt on the warpath again. Worse, it might actually prove the peace treaty with Egypt was the colossal hoax it always was, tearing the whole Mid-east peace process theory, which so far rests on the big fat laurel of the Camp-David agreement and the three way handshake. Israel and Egypt are locked up in a deadly game where Egypt is loath to lose its proxy-warfare capacity, and Israel has had enough of being made ducks in a rocket range.

The way out of this conundrum goes through Washington.

Egypt is utterly dependant on US economic aid. As opposed to the heady days of Sadat, Egypt cannot re-play the cold-war game. The Soviet Union is no more and the Nazi [Egyptian] regime's only economic prop is the USA. While Israel is a 150 billion dollar economy with a trade surplus, Egypt is a mess. Washington could, should it choose to, force Egypt to take her duties vis-à-vis Israel seriously and stop arming her proxies. Completely and utterly.

The old saw about rockets coming into Gaza from the sea is a bald-faced lie. Israel controls the sea up to the Egyptian frontier, and from then on its Egyptian responsibility. I make this categoric statement: Without Egyptian support Proxy warfare and rocket lobbing will not happen, and Washington can make this eventuality happen.

Will Obama's Washington help defuse the situation? Unlikely. Obama's view of Israel is of a "festering sore". Anything that may strengthen Israel against the Anschluss demands, the so called right of return, is unlikely to be forced down the unwilling Arab throat. In the end it will be Israel that will have to make a hard choice. To live with the depredation of a proxy war of attrition, or make an end of the Gaza festering sore and drive the proxies into their manipulator's unwilling arms.


Anonymous said...

I'm from Egypt. I think you're a bit off point. Mubarak works for you and the USA not the Egyptians, as does every other arab dictator.
Sadat GAVE away sinai for that peace talk. Swastikas on his tie is a bit over the top.

All our governments (except Nasser) did and do what's best in your interest (usa and israel).
And that's why the people hate them (your advantage). You really should be happy these dictators are killing their own people. If it wasn't for them, every arab would have stopped you trying to annihialate Palestine years ago.

Best wishes...

Steve Lieblich said...

Dear Anonymous
I suppose that the Arab dictators of Syria, Libya, Iraq, and Saudi Arabia are all "working for me" ...hey what a powerful Jew-boy am I?

Also Jews dsetroyed the twin towers, cause war, famine and tsunamis as well, heh?

Oh yes, of course I'm happy that these dictators are killing people. As a matter of fact I eat non-Jewish children for breakfast with my cereal and yoghurt.

Anything else you want to add?