Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Time up for liars

From The Arab Times [Kuwait], 24/7/2006, by Ahmed Al-Jarallah Editor-in-Chief ...

.... We can safely say we are close to seeing the fall of Hezbollah and the end of its religious speeches. It is clear Hezbollah has been playing a game of misleading the Lebanese and others in the name of Islam and “resistance.” The word “resistance” had become a favourite of Arabs. Now it is clear “resistance” is an expression which was being used in the interest of Iran and Syria, but not Lebanon. The fact that Arabs have remained silent without any reaction for the past 10 days when the so-called resistance was being destroyed proves this “resistance” is not an Arab issue.

We cannot deny we have lost many of our rights to Israel. However, we cannot reclaim these rights through methods used by Hezbollah, Hamas and other Jihad movements. These methods contributed to the vanishing of our rights besides preventing Arabs from using political tools. The methods of Hezbollah and Hamas have given the whole world the impression that Israel is defending itself. We have been sitting on the streets for over 58 years singing songs and raising slogans while our dictatorial and tyrannical “friends” were doing nothing to regain our rights. They didn’t take a single step to find solutions to any of our problems. Ironically, due to our fears and the penchant of our leaders to trade on this issue, we lost more to Israel. God said “Do not throw yourselves into danger.” But still we have been courting destruction in spite of the knowledge that anybody who commits suicide will be sent to hell on Judgment Day. One person or one party, which has the ability to lie, mislead its people and stir their emotions, can lead the people, cities and countries to destruction because of their self-interest.

Hezbollah made a lot of promises and portrayed itself as a holy movement which cannot be defeated. The end result of all these tall claims is that Hezbollah has led Lebanon to destruction and the Lebanese to death. Above all it is staring at a total collapse and a certain defeat. Hezbollah reminds us of Saddam’s Information Minister Mohammad Saeed Al-Sahaf, who claimed Iraq was in control of Fallujah even as we could see on the TV screens US armored vehicles come behind him on the streets of Baghdad.

Hezbollah reminds us of Gamal Abdul Nasser who said “whoever wants war should prepare for war,” when Al-Wafyat told him Israel would wage a war against him. In the end, the late Egyptian President went to war with Israel and was defeated. It is time we understood if we want to fight Israel, we will be fighting the whole world because the international community is convinced of Israel’s point of view. We should not be surprised if Hezbollah gives a speech expressing remorse at the destruction of Lebanon. It is time we came out of the grasp of people, who don’t believe in what they say, and political movements which have been beating war drums for over half a century.

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