Friday, March 18, 2016

My fellow Jews...

Judaism is an ethnicity expressed socially, not just a religion practised in private and subordinated to the citizenship of a nation. The concept of "Jew in the home and German in the street" would ultimately destroy the Jewish community, whether in Germany, or any other nation, including the USA and Israel.

We are a people who emerged from Jacob who went to Egypt a family of 70, and emerged with 600,000 liberated slaves with a common objective: to find a homeland for our people. We found it and lived there, sovereign and self-determined for some 1500 years: speaking Hebrew, practicing Jewish traditions and treating citizens based on truth, justice and caring for the widow and orphan.

Judaism brought human rights to the entire world. To suggest that being a Jewish nation undermines human rights is absurd. Israel's enemies conceived this lie at the NGO forum associated with the UN conference in Durban that equated Zionism with racism. The "Durban strategy" of those NGOs is to portray Israel as an apartheid state, like South Africa was, and to boycott and sanction it with the same intent: to destroy the nation and replace it. The cloak of "human rights" hides its intent to destroy Israel by "lawfare" having failed to destroy her by warfare or terrorism.

This lawfare campaign is petro-dollar-funded (Qatar alone spends $100 million per year on al-Jazeera, not to mention all the Arab and European funding of NGOs active in the campaign).

What concerns me most is that some Jews and purportedly-Jewish NGOs have joined the campaign, accusing Israel of denying human rights because it's Jewish...

Ever since Titus destroyed the 1500-year-old Jewish nation, some say because of sinat chinam (unwarranted hatred), for 2000 years, we have prayed, dreamed, and written poems and songs about returning to our homeland.

Now we have returned. Don't allow yourself to be seduced into believing the self-defeating myth that you have to be less Jewish to be "acceptable" to the fake "human rights activists" who hate Israel. And don't descend into sinat chinum by dividing our people into "good Jews" and "bad Jews"... with the ultimate effect of destroying the nation again.

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