Monday, March 14, 2016

A Quebec-oriented, UN-friendly Canadian Government

14 March 2016, by Norman L Roth:

Justin (R) and Sasha Trudeau at their father's funeral in 2000

The Israel friendly position of the former Harper government which prevailed for nearly a decade is now an object of scorn and derision among Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s elite advisors and foreign policy eminences. His campaign team received considerable advisory input from the Obama White-House during Canada’s 2015 Federal election, as did far left Labour party leader Edward Miliband in Britain’s National election that same year.

They are the same domineering Quebec-based ‘elite’ which has always regarded Israel and Zionism with cold apathy at best, and include the pro-“Palestinian” and BDS activism of the Prime Minister's brother Alexandre ("Sasha") Trudeau.

It’s hardly surprising, because repeated polls over the last twenty years persistently indicate a significantly higher level of support for the "Palestinian" cause among Quebecois people than any other comparable demography in North America.

But let’s have a closer look at some of the well known personnel who have emerged from their decade long cocoons. One of the most notorious is Louise Arbour, former UN Commissioner of “human rights” (2004 to 2008) and a former justice of Canada’s Supreme Court. Her international career began in 1996, when noted legal eminence Richard Goldstone recommended that she should be his ‘replacement’ on the UN’s International Criminal Tribunal. But, her finest hour came on January 24, 2008 when she welcomed the “entry into legal force” of the Arab Charter of Human Rights”, whose founding policy statement is: Article 2(3): “All forms of racism, Zionism and foreign occupation constitute an impediment to human dignity and a major barrier to the exercise of the fundamental rights of peoples. All such practices must be condemned and efforts must be deployed for their ELIMINATION”.

No wonder P.M. Trudeau campaigned so enthusiastically among Canada’s 1.3.million strong Muslim communities. He has rewarded them well. Many of them now serve his government in strategically inserted advisory positions.

No explanation of Quebec’s traditional isolationism and ambivalence toward a robust Canadian Military participation in world affairs would be complete, without reference to the long-standing ‘quid pro quo’  that exists between Quebec’s political elite and their ‘friends’ at the top of the UN food chain. This “arrangement” virtually guarantees near unanimous recognition of a unilateral declaration of independence by Quebec: Within its present borders, should the request be made to that august body...Which would mortally bisect Canada’s geographical contiguity East of James and Hudson Bay. It’s the most open diplomatic ‘secret” on Earth.

Canada's new Foreign Minister is Stephane Dion, who once ran against former PM Stephen Harper for Prime Minister of Canada. He was a dual citizen of France at the time. He still is. It’s quite taboo to bring this up in polite discourse in Canada. Just like his connections with the UN’s most toxic bureaucracies.  And his own ambivalence toward the BDS movement.

None of the foregoing  was unexpected. As is the inevitable recognition of the state of “Palestine” which is on the Trudeau-Dion’s short term diplomatic horizon.

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