Monday, June 15, 2015

Pressure the PA, not Israel...

15 June 2015:

Israeli PM Netanyahu at the Herzliya Conference speech a few days ago:
“I again call on President Abbas to return to negotiations without preconditions. But I also know he has very little reason to talk. Why should he talk? He can get by without talking. He can get by with an international community that blames Israel for not having talks. In other words, the Palestinians run from the table. They ran away from Prime Minister Barak. They ran away from Prime Minister Olmert. They ran away from, before that, from Prime Minister Sharon. And they ran away from me.”
“...the Palestinians have a nifty trick up their sleeve - they refuse to negotiate and then get international pressure, sanctions, boycotts on Israel for there not being negotiations. It's a perfect Catch-22. And there are those who attempt to impose terms on Israel ... because there are no talks and some of them pretend that the dangers we face are not real dangers at all.

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