Saturday, June 20, 2015

Hitler Youth for "Peace in the Middle East"

US and Swiss researchers have conducted a revealing study about the state of German society and especially anti-Semitism in Germany today.

Over a period of ten years they interviewed more than 5,000 Germans who were schooled between 1933 and 1945 in 264 cities and towns across the country. The responses led to two important conclusions: first, that people who were members in the Hitler Youth mostly retained their anti-Semitic prejudices; second, that regions which had previously had a more anti-Semitic climate were more receptive to the Nazi variety.

Researchers see it as confirmation that the most effective way for a totalitarian regime to influence public opinion is to first target the youth at the time of life when identity is formed and ideas can be planted to last.
Despite the horrors of war, the subsequent discovery of atrocities committed, the impressive literary and film productions on the Holocaust, and educational messages distilled by the governments of the postwar period, many Germans retained their prejudice about Jews.
Benjamin Ortmeyer, professor at the Johann Wolfgang Goethe University in Frankfurt am Main, explains that the indoctrination practices of the Hitler Youth and other groups had tragic effects. He cites, for example, members of the Hitler Youth who searched the church records of their villages to find Jewish families who had converted to Christianity in hopes of escaping their fate. This "educational mission" assigned to them by their "educators" resulted in the deportation of Jewish families to concentration camps, making these young people complicit in crimes against humanity.
The indoctrination and regimentation of Palestinian youth is modeled on the same principle. All teaching material is mobilized to produce generations of Palestinian Arabs molded by anti-Semitism. Television programs for children, textbooks, cartoons, sports tournaments, summer camps are all anti-Semitic propaganda machines to which children, even the smallest, are exposed: the Jew as cunning, a thief, murderer of children, poisoner, pervert, lewd, liar and blasphemer. 
To that poisonous cocktail they add the encouragement of Shahada (martyrdom), instilling in children aged five or six the notion that their dream should be to die a martyr by killing Jews. Videos, books, comics documenting these themes exist in the thousands.
This education to hatred, inspired by the indoctrination of the Hitler Youth but does not get the attention it deserves. It is even concealed. Those who speak today of peace and reconciliation in the Middle East with disconcerting naiveté and demand that Israel pay the price, pretend to ignore that the PLO and Hamas are methodically creating anti-Semites and criminals for future generations.
The historical link is not difficult to establish. The late Professor Robert Wistrich, a global specialist on anti-Semitism said: 
"This is a crucial point that is generally neglected: the anti-Semitism of the Nazis was already liked a lot in the 1930s by Arab nationalists and Muslim fundamentalists.
And it is unnecessary to belabor the admiration of Nazism for the man who was the creator and undisputed leader of the Palestinian Arab nationalist movement, the Mufti of Jerusalem Haj Amin Al-Husseini, a friend and collaborator of Hitler’s.
Yasser Arafat and the former representative of the PLO in France, Leila Shahid, liked to reminisce about their relationship with al-Husseini.
The minutes of an important meeting which took place in Berlin on November 28, 1941 between Adolf Hitler and the Mufti Haj Amin Al-Husseini reveal that the Führer "opened his heart" to his guest, saying that "his goal was the extermination of world Jewry." He knew he was preaching to the converted.
It is therefore not surprising that the themes used by the Nazi regime vis-à-vis its youth run through the education system in the Palestinian Arab sphere of the “moderate” Fatah movement, as well as of Hamas. Palestinian Arab children parading in uniform, often girded with fake explosive belts, are a chilling display. And the murderous hate texts they are taught to recite on stage facing cheering crowds are a lasting moral stain on the adults.
But where is the UN in all this? UNICEF? The European Union, which also partially finances these textbooks?
Closing their eyes, they participate in a massive crimes against humanity, one which destroys entire generations by using children as a weapon of war and turning them into hating robots for the rest of their lives.
It is this "education" that the Palestinian Arab leaders give their children that exposes their true intentions.
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