Friday, June 12, 2015

Thank You BDS: suffer deeply and die in unbearable pain

From Times of Israel, 11 June 2015, by Irwin E. Blank:

...I want to thank the BDS folks all over the world for:

1) Providing Israeli products and services with millions of dollars of free advertising and publicity for identifying those goods, services and Israeli individuals, entertainers and cultural icons which might not have been known to the public at large and supporters of Israel can now demonstrate their love for the Jewish state by purchasing Israeli products, using Israeli services and paying for books, movies and theatre tickets of Israeli personalities.

2) Making themselves known to their local populations and across the media world for the anti-Semites they are and permitting those individuals and organizations dedicated to combating this evil hatred definite targets for lawsuits, counter boycotts and opening themselves up to the light of day when we know that the Sunlight is the greatest weapon against a virus.

3) By exposing their Jew hatred they have proven that anti-Semitism still exists and flourishes even  decades after the Holocaust thereby renewing interest in fighting this form of bigotry.

4) By proving that anti-Israel demonstrations are, and have always been, inherently anti-Semitic regardless of the sophistry to the contrary. In the BDS assault on Israel’s “right to exist” the denigration of the Jewish people’s right to self-determination in its ancient homeland, thereby classifying Jews as something less than other people, is, without a doubt, the same philosophy used the the Nazis that declared Jews as “sub-human.” The comparison of the BDS movement today and the Nazi anti-Jewish boycott of the 1930s is clearly evident.

5) By forcing the closure of Israeli companies’ facilities in Judea and Samaria thereby inducing these businesses to relocate within the 1949 armistice lines, increases the employment opportunities for the native Israeli Arabs, Christians, Druse, Baha’i and others who live in the areas where these industries will relocate like the Galilee and the Negev Desert, where the employment rate among Israeli Arabs will definitely increase.

6) The closures and relocations of these companies and their factories from Judea and Samaria, will lead to thousands of “Palestinians” losing their employment and with that, the loss of the benefits that they earned while working for Israeli concerns-their health insurance, pension deposits and their monthly paychecks. In a way, the very people that the BDS movement wants to help, will get hurt the worst. This will only increase the emigration of these people, now at the rate of 15-20,000 per year, as they seek employment and a better standard of living abroad. Thank you BDS for helping Israel solve the “demographic” problem.

7) By forcing foreign companies to cease their business with Israel will compel homegrown industry and technology to replace those items and services no longer available here. This will lead to a boost in Israeli creativity and further enhance the “Start Up Nation” to greater heights and bring in more venture capital thereby strengthening, not weakening, the local economy. in effect, the continuing boycott of Israel has created the very atmosphere of self-reliance and profitable risk taking that has made Israel into the “Silicon Valley” it is today. Israel is the third nation with the most companies listed on NASDAQ-more than the Arab nations combined-thank you BDS.

8) For creating a massive public movement among otherwise non-interested Jews in their identification with the State of Israel through the unbridled anti-Semitism of the BDS movement. By attacking the Jewish State, these insidious folks, have made millions of Jews all over the world become Israel conscious.

9) Many Jews, especially in Western Europe, are now seriously contemplating aliyah (immigration to Israel) as the BDS movement in their countries has also sparked a pandemic of outright Jew hatred and reminded our people of their tenuous and perhaps dangerous, existence where they find themselves today. As an example, the number of French Jews immigrating to Israel has TRIPLED since last year and aliyah conferences in France, the United Kingdom, Sweden and Norway, are filled to the rafters with Jews seeking to come home to Israel-thank you BDS.

10) Thanks to the BDS movement and its lackeys and supporters, the people of Israel have realized that only a right wing, nationalist government can provide the security and foster the self-reliance that we need to survive in a world that has never loved us and a world that would rather see us dead and gone.

...I haven’t mentioned the magnificent contributions of Israel in the field of medical technology and pharmaceuticals ...

...I ...recommend and advocate that all the BDS supporters, wherever they live on this planet, hold fast to their beliefs and if they ever find themselves at death’s door, or suffering from an excruciatingly painful and agonizing illness, that they abjure from employing Israeli medications or the use of Israeli designed and/or manufactured diagnostic tools, machinery or surgical techniques, and suffer deeply and die in unbearable pain knowing that they held their beliefs to the last.

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