Saturday, January 10, 2015

Media plays down Paris Kosher pogrom

From The Commentator, 9 January 2015:

The vile anti-Semitic pogrom at a Paris Kosher supermarket on Friday is being dramatically downplayed by a politically correct mainstream media that cannot handle the reality of widespread Jew-hatred among Islamists


Barely had the slaughter at Charlie Hebdo taken place on Wednesday than the mainstream media nailed the motivation of the attackers. This was a terror attack by Islamists opposed to a satirical outlet that had offended the sensitivities of Muslims by holding Mohammed up to ridicule.

There was more to say, of course, but, in a nutshell, they'd conveyed the right message.

Contrast that with reporting during and immediately after the massacre at a Jewish supermarket on Friday, again by Islamists. The contrast is easy because there has so far been no explanation whatsoever. The truth, of course, is that the Kosher supermarket was attacked solely because it was a kosher supermarket.

Put another way, it was attacked because it was Jewish.

But mainstream British media outlets such as the BBC and Sky can't say that, can they? And they can't say it for two reasons.

First, political correctness struggles with the notion that ethnic minorities can be racist. That is why the vast anti-Semitism all over the Middle East is simply not reported on.

Second, what we at The Commentator like to refer to as the extremist mainstream in Britain and Europe has a problem of its own with the Jews, especially if they have the temerity to assert their right to self-determination via the State of Israel.

Hence the confusion and dissembling that we are witnessing over the pogrom today in Paris.

Right now, as we watch, Sky has started to downgrade the Kosher supermarket to a "Paris grocery" or "Paris supermarket". This is interspersed with references to a "kosher deli". But spelling out the Jewish angle has so far been totally ignored.

They will probably at some point get around to mentioning it.

... while Charlie Hebdo has been billed as an assault on free speech, do not expect Friday's massacre to attract much analysis as an assault on the Jewish people.

Welcome to modern Europe.

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