Thursday, September 25, 2014

United States Attack in Syria Parallels Israel's in Gaza

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Craig said...

The nation of Israel is an example nation of applying every possible care, when planning a strike on terror groups, such as Hamas. Remembering, groups such as Hamas seek to inflict the maximum possible harm on Israel.

Yet, sadly, the extreme level of care and patience demonstrated by Israel continues to be shunned by other nations, buoyed by the divisive reporting of media outlets such as the ABC and the BBC, who are not at all attuned to any form of reality nor do they exhibit common sense critique, which I thought would have been their role?

Yes, it will be interesting to observe the World's response to the recent air strikes on IS targets within Syria. Muslim nations such as Qatar have assisted their best oil customer in these air strikes, yet at the same time provides luxurious safe haven for perhaps the worst terrorist organisation in the world, Hamas!

Such hypocrisy is commonplace amongst such nations, however those same standards don't apply to Israel. Gladly, nor would Israel ever want them to.