Thursday, September 25, 2014

Hamas-Fatah Rivalry Rages Unabated

From the Times of Israel, 22 September 2014, by Elhanan Miller:

Classes in the southern Gaza Strip city of Khan Younis have been disrupted by the screams and shouts of political prisoners being interrogated by Hamas security forces in a nearby building, an official Palestinian Authority daily reported. 

As "reconciliation talks" between Fatah and Hamas resumed in Cairo on Monday, Ramallah-based Al-Hayat Al-Jadidah claimed that pupils in a girls’ school in central Khan Younis have been affected by fear and horror as a result of the torture...

Despite having formed a "unity government of technocrats" on June 2, the political schism between the two rival movements remains as deep as ever, with Abbas openly accusing Hamas of scheming to topple him and of instigating the recent round of violence with Israel.

Many anonymous testimonies were sent to the daily by students fearing reprisal for complaining openly. “M,” a new student at the school, asked her counterpart “A” about the origin of the shrieks and was told that the building next door belonged to Hamas police’s General Investigations Department.

Another student, “S,” said she was “really fearful” of the nearby police station, stating that “police should maintain law and order and not arouse angst through perpetual police car traffic and the coming and going of suspects being questioned.

Hamas has branded accusations such as those expressed by Al-Hayat Al-Jadidah a "smear campaign instigated by Fatah", which continues to oppress and harass Hamas operatives in the West Bank. 

On Sunday, West Bank security agencies arrested six Hamas operatives and summoned two for questioning, Hamas’s Palestinian Information Center news website reported.

The Islamic movement [Hamas] — which banished Fatah from the Gaza Strip in a bloody coup in 2007 — continues to run its own ministry of interior in the coastal enclave, responsible for the multiple security forces active there...

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Rick M said...

There can not be a two state solution when the Palestinian side of the border can not keep from killing and undermining each other.
Not to mention both Fatah and Hamas raise their little kids steeped in Jewish hate.
When what they know best is hate and a desire to kill. That will always be their first choice when confronted by challenges that should be solved instead of reacted to.
The rivalry and internecine fighting though is widespread throughout the Arab world.
I see no remedy for it but by strict and severe push back followed by containment.