Tuesday, June 01, 2010

No Sympathy for the Foolish Flotilla

From Jewgle, 31 May 2010:

...Yet again, Israel is maligned and castigated as an aggressor, for defending itself against morally impaired enablers of terrorism. This is not about the border of Gaza. This is about the ability of Islamist supporters and their media enablers to garner sympathy for their unashamed and unconcealed objective to eliminate the Jewish state.

... Those lives would not have been lost had the instructions of the Israeli border control been respected and upheld. Do not blame Israel for responding to a vile threat of its territory, and an unjustified publicity stunt that is directed towards the existential security of its people.

Before you defend these low life protestors, consider that they were yelling anti-Semitic slogans. Before you scream civilians and children, ask just what civilians and children are doing being thrust into a stage managed provocation.

These people are anything but peace activists...
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