Monday, May 31, 2010

anti-Israel flotilla a hateful fake

From JPost, 28 May 2010, by ZOE FOX:

...Israel advocacy group StandWithUs plans to greet the European convoy with its own demonstration at sea.  ...The counter-flotilla ships will be covered in “Free Gaza from Hamas” banners and boat owners will wear bloodstained T-shirts, representing Hamas’s terror record.

...“What the other anti-Israel flotilla is doing is ignoring human rights abuses and focusing on a fake situation,” Michael Dickson, StandWithUs’s Israel director, told The Jerusalem Post Thursday.

Dickson believes the European activists care more about hurting Israel than helping the Palestinians in Gaza. ...Dickson said that the European activists’ aid could have reached Gaza in a day instead of a week if they weren’t interested in making a publicity statement.

“I think that the key thing is that this is not some fair-minded mission coming in that cares for peace. Their flotilla is driven by hate, rather than peace. They don’t really care about the victims who live under Hamas in Gaza and the south of Israel,” he said.

...“If the activists had done their homework instead of believing Hamas propaganda, they would also have found out that their assistance isn’t needed. There is no humanitarian crisis in Gaza,” Dickson said.

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