Friday, February 05, 2010

Australia to investigate Al-Manar TV

From an Australian Communications and Media Authority press release, 4 February 2010:

The Australian Communications and Media Authority will further investigate Al-Manar TV program content to ascertain its compliance with regulatory obligations relating to terrorist-related content, as well as racial vilification and hate speech.

The ACMA is conscious of some public concern [notably from AIJAC - SL] about the content of Al-Manar TV. In response to these concerns, a broad-ranging investigation will be undertaken which would incorporate consideration of any specific complaints about content that are referred to the ACMA.

Al-Manar TV is an open narrowcasting television service which is reported to have links to the Hezbollah organisation. Al-Manar TV is currently re-transmitted into Australia via satellite.

...If members of the public are aware of specific content on the Al Manar service that they consider is terrorist-related or includes racial vilification and hate speech, they can refer this content to the ACMA for consideration as part of the investigation...
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