Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Judeophobia, Replacement Doctrine, and the seeds of Europe's demise

From a 20-minute talk by Bat Yeor, extracted by Kitman TV, 31/1/10, from a Hebrew University symposium held 5/11/09:

Excerpts from the transcription, kindly provided by an Atlas Shrugged reader:

I want to say first that the statistics of current Judeophobia in Europe is very different from what we know from the past times. ...I would call it a Euro Arab Political and Theological Replacement Doctrine of Genocidal character who propose to replace the state of Israel by Palestine.

Certainly, the European State have never ceased to assure Israel that it is safe and recognise borders as if the 1949 Armistice Lines were safe, and as if the European Community have not funded and supported Arafat and the PLO and legitimise them since 1974.

The aim of the European was of course peace, but peace with Arafat since Palestinian territories had already struck Europe at the end of the 1960s and peace with Arafat meant probably without Israel.

It is Europe that has justified and sanctified the Palestinian cause that is the vilification of Israel, in other words the European Community used an Orwellian doublespeak, reminiscent of the Auschwitz saying: "work Makes Free"

In fact the proposals of the European Community/Arab Policy, followed later by the European Union was to delegitimise Israel and neutralise its self defense, especially since the last five years and through [incitement] to hate and defamation.

...anti-Semitism is closely linked to the strategic political and economical contingency of Europe's Arab and Muslim policies. So, whatever else we do, we wont have an impact on Europe anti-Semitists, because this is linked to the European relationship with the Muslim world.

...present Judeophobia is ...a political and cultural strategy that embraces all countries of the European Union. ...This new Judeophobia is not aimed at individual Jews ...It is expressed through an implacable and disdainful hate for the State of Israel for what it represents and stands for and by the glorification of Palestinianism which is an ideology for the elimination of the Jews as in former days of Nazism.

This position of the European Union is anonymous, cynical, secretive and deceitful. In other words, one does not express anti-Jewish racism, one celebrates by leftism and jihadist ideology. ... it is a coldly calculated program.

You had anti-Israel strategy initiated in the 1970s, that will not change. It will continue. It is too late to change. It will continue to its conclusion ...[the] destruction of Europe. ...
This new Judeophobia is in fact inseparable from Europe’s long term policy of vision with the Arab world, which includes the mass immigration from Muslim countries, with a demographic, sociological, political and religious changes, that come with it. Such changes are not a result of chance, this is a planned and intended strategy whose unfolding can be followed in the text of the numerous Europe-Arab conferences.

I have called this transformation of Europe, Eurabia. Eurabia is not Europe, it is its enemy, it does not represent the majority of Europeans, nor all its Politicians.

When I speak of Eurabia, I refer to an ideology, like one would speak of Communism, of Socialism. It is an ideology which is supported by the main European Politicians. It is a strategy, a policy and a culture, whose nerve centre, a way of working are exemplified by the Anna Lind Foundation in Alexandria, linked to the Swedish Consulate.

... this strategy is also explained in a document called the European Common Strategy in the Mediterranean Region which was adopted by the European Council on 19th June 2000 and was published months later in the Official Journal of the European Communities.

In the 1970s the European Communities and Arabic went into this association with different but converging aims.

Anti-Semitism and Anti-Americanism always exists in Europe, in the communist parties, in the fascist and the Nazi parties which represents quite a big population and this population, this historical background provided a favourable ground for anti-Semitic and anti-American Arab propaganda.

So these forces forged this alliance with the Arab world. Europe thought that by aligning itself with the EU Community so that this alliance, this commotion of the Palestinians, would protect Europe from Palestinian terrorism, would guarantee its own needs, open Arab market and Arab Jihadist against Israel and the USA, and that the internationalisation of the Palestinian cause would provoke Israel to wither away in a heap of infamy.

The twining of Judeophobia and anti-Americanism fitted well into this strategy of the Euro-Arab alliance and is one of its pillars, of course, the second one is the destruction of the State of Israel, but this is just a smokescreen hiding the islamisation of Christian theology and the subversion of Western values. conclude I would like to say that the new anti-Semitism is situated at the Jewish educative level in the Euro-Arab world against Israel. Its themes belong to traditional European Judeophobia but they have integrated into a context of an ideology of Islamic Jihad, and that is why the new Judeophobia bears within it the destruction of the West, of its Institution, its culture, and its soul.
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