Sunday, September 13, 2009

UN does nothing to prevent rockets from Lebanon

From Ynet News, 13/9/09, by Roee Nahmias:

UNIFIL forces in south Lebanon were warned in advance of the possibility that Katyusha rockets would be fired toward Israel, Lebanese newspaper An Nahar reported on Sunday.

Friday afternoon saw two 122-mllimeter rockets hit open areas in the Western Galilee region....

...According to the Lebanese newspaper, a number of sources informed UNIFIL of the attack 10 days before it was launched, and even specified they type of rockets that would be fired. UNIFIL, the report said, relayed the information to the Lebanese army two days before the attack. The report did not mention whether the Lebanese army had acted on the information.

Israel filed a complaint with the United Nations on Friday evening, saying the Lebanese government was responsible for the incident.

Lebanese news agencies said Saturday that eyewitnesses in southern Lebanon reported that the terrorists who fired Katyusha rockets at Israel arrived on the scene of the launch in a truck, wearing civilian clothing.

The witnesses said four men arrived at a forest near the village of al-Kalila and planted three rockets, then set a timer and fled the scene....
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