Sunday, September 13, 2009

Israel bashers, their media lapdogs, and their cheer squad

From THE WEB SITE OF Michael Danby MHR Monday September 7, 2009, reporting a speech in Parliament, on Israel-bashers Antony Loewenstein and Michael Brull:

(See also The Australian 12 September, Headlined Creepy vitriolic bigotry of the internet's fringe-dwellers)

THE editorial bias of the online publications for which they write clearly puts them on the fringe of Australian politics. ...they are completely outside the mainstream ...

The thrust of my previous speech and tonight's lies with the creepier bigotry that their articles and other articles unleashed in these two online publications (Crikey and New Matilda), which apparently had no problem with publishing them.

Our toughest critique must be of their unadulterated racism: the perverse nature of their criticisms and the vitriol that is not present in the appraisal of other conflicts; the use of terms such as ethnic cleansing and Nazi; and the dropping of all pretence of anti-Zionism by openly discussing Jews and so-called Jewish proclivities.

It is clear in my view that New Matilda and Crikey disgraced themselves and the wider circle of Australian journalism and the tolerant ethos that characterises Australia by publishing clearly bigoted comments in the comments sections of their publications in the first three months of this year...
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