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Israel and the Palestinians, a new(?) Strategy??

This is from a provocative paper (well worth a reading) emailed to me today, by Yuval Brandstetter MD [excerpts only - follow the link for the full paper]:

Reply to Moshe (Bogey) Yaalon

[Refer to my
previous posting and the full Ya'alon paper for background]

There is no doubt Moshe "Bogey" Ya'alon, the former IDF Chief of Staff, gives the impression of being the true bogey-man of both the Palestinians and the Israeli Appeasement cohorts who serve them. Arising from the most political of Israeli establishments, the Army, he undercuts, in fact detonates, the very foundations of that establishment by reiterating the obvious: If the train you choose to board goes to hell, then running in the corridor in the opposite direction is useless. The train he refers to is the Peace train that left Oslo Station, 1993. The question is, does Moshe Bogey Ya'alon offer us a different train, one headed on tracks founded on reason, or is he offering us another ride to hell on a slightly refurbished train.

The very choice of title suggests the train Bogey offers is no better than the train he eschews. "Israel and the Palestinians" suggests an equilibrium. Two entities of comparable weight, importance, meaning, rights, responsibilities, humanity, leadership, economy and sovereignty. By equalizing those entities Bogey commits the very sin that led to the Oslo train-wreck. Legitimizing a hoax.

Bogey then goes ahead to solidify the sin, by glorifying the various ethnicities of mostly Muslim nomads who invaded the Land of Israel with the title of Nation. Thus, two Nations of equal claim to the Land. This ludicrous notion is the basis of the whole Compromise-and-Partition framework which underpinned Rogers and Oslo and Barack. The Sin of Parity is the rock-solid foundation for the whole Appeasement-till-death-do-us-part railway to hell. Bogey appears to be unable to part from that train, so instead he back-tracks in the corridor while issuing the clarion call of a New Paradigm....

....Equating the peace of the "Palestinian People" with that of the Jewish State is vastly incompatible with reality. To quote Rabin himself, before his melt-down: A Palestinian State can only be established upon the ruins of the Jewish State. The risk inherent to those Armed Arabs in PA garb envisioned by Bogey as policemen is not "calculated", probability. It is a certainty. At some point, at some time, every armed Arab will train his weapon at the Jew, and fire, because in his eyes, in his childhood training, in his mosque, with his breast milk, Jewish sovereign existence in an insufferable blasphemy.

Most improbable is Bogey's notion of implanting a "democratic spirit" in the Arab society. An insufferably arrogant notion that a Jew, however anointed, will take a 1300 year tradition of conquest and god-sanctioned imperialism and quench it within the bosom of 300 million Arabs to suit his own need to live in peace in Liliput. Even if this truly stupendous conversion is achieved in the 4.5 million Arabs now residing in the West Bank (that is, everything west of the Jordan and east of the Suez Canal) the rest of the Arab world, the Brotherhood, the Wahhabis, Al-Ka'ida, the Shi'a, will simply not allow this conversion to persist.

From which mine-field does Bogey mine the idea that "The Palestinian collective enjoys the cultural mindset necessary for the establishment of a true democracy"? Yes, it’s the New Middle East all over again, a pipe-dream of monumental proportions, necessitating a rude wake-up to the sound of the staccato Kalashnikov mowing down the Yeshiva kids in the hands of the driver employed by the institution, a lawful resident of Jerusalem, but a Jihadi nevertheless.

As for a revision of Palestinian education, who does Bogey think he is? Salah-a-din? He is a Kaffir, a Dhimmi, a despised Jew, who is he to dictate a change of education to a blood-thirsty loosely-affiliated bunch of tribes whose only underpinning is a negation of Sovereign Israel?

But the most grievous affront to common sense and two thousand years of pining for Zion Bogey commits is relinquishing his ancestral inheritance to the invaders. Where does Bogey think this new and improved democratic freedom-loving multu-culti tolerant middle-class-driven prosperity-oriented Palestinian Authority/State will be established? Lo-and-behold, it right in our midst, in our heart-land. Not in Keturah, or Groffit, out-there in the Syrian-African rift, that is "Israel Proper" well within our "borders". It will be right here, inside our national chest and belly and around our brain!!. Where does Bogey mine the temerity to give away our national cultural historical inheritance to a bunch of foreign invaders who plagiarize a name given to the Land of Israel by one of its prolific destroyers? Beats me, I really do not know. I merely know he is one hundred percent wrong, per his own admission.

So let us re-frame a new Paradigm. There is the Land of Israel. There is no Palestine. There is a People of Israel, there is no Palestinian people. There is no parity of two nations sharing a Land. There is but one legal, national cultural, economic, military and lawful sovereignty in the Land of Israel: The Jewish State.

Arabs who reside in the Land of Israel may enjoy civil liberties, but no National rights. An armed Arab is an anathema to Jewish sovereignty, he/she is either disarmed, or repatriated, or treated as armed and dangerous. There is no Palestinian Economy, there are individual Arabs who are residents of the Land, making a living in a lawful manner. Arab policemen are limited in authority to Arab-majority municipalities, with no authority to use deadly force, calling on the Jewish State to provide terror-control or any other application of such force. The notion of the development of a national entity or authority other than the Jewish State in the Land of Israel to be strictly curtailed, and incur repatriation. Now that is a truly new paradigm, as old as the San Remo treaty to which Britain and all Western nations are signatories, which stated all of the above, and never mentioned an Arab, far less a Palestinian entity.

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