Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Confirmation that Ya'alon will enter politics

...and NOW, some great news from The Shalem Center E-News (email newsletter) November 18, 2008:

...[Adelson Institute Distinguished Fellow Gen. Moshe] Yaalon has just announced that he is leaving the Shalem Center to enter the political arena, confirming his commitment to the future of the Jewish state, and the leadership it requires...

[Perhaps we will see him as Israel's next Minister of Defence - SL]

Click here to read an advance preview of Ya’alon’s “Israel and the Palestinians: A new Strategy” from the Shalem Center's Azure magazine.

In it Ya'alon proposes a "radical" new, two-pronged strategy for peace (as an alternative to the on-going Oslo/Annapolis fiasco):
  1. to build a viable, democratic Palestinian society
  2. to rebuild Israel's military deterrence of radical terrorism

Follow the link to the full article.

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