Monday, November 17, 2008

Australian Foreign Minister urged to the hold the line on UN Resolutions

From Australia-Israel and Jewish Affairs Council (AIJAC), November 17, 2008:

Mark Leibler (National Chairman) and Colin Rubenstein (Executive Director) of AIJAC wrote to Foreign Minister Stephen Smith last week to call for no further changes to Australia's voting on forthcoming Middle East-related UN resolutions.

After again expressing their displeasure with Australia's reversal earlier this month against Israel on two key resolutions, Leibler and Rubenstein argued that "each of [the] forthcoming resolutions are of compelling significance, andÅ  we believe the voting pattern of recent years should be re-affirmed ".

"Any untoward changes will be met with our genuine disappointment, as well as that of the overwhelming majority of the Australian Jewish community. In short, the resolutions are largely so one-sided that they do not by any stretch of the imagination further the Government's entirely laudable objective of enhancing the prospects of a two-state resolution," they concluded.
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