Tuesday, March 22, 2016

The lies of Breaking the Silence

From Israel Hayom, 20 March 2016, by Dr Haim Shine:

Many Israelis were shocked to learn of the efforts made by left-wing group Breaking the Silence to gather classified military information, as reported by Channel 2 last week based on hidden-camera footage filmed by activists of the right-wing organization Ad Kan. The attempts by Breaking the Silence to collect intelligence about operational activities by the Israel Defense Forces are extremely serious.
I assume that as part of the investigation, a decisive attempt will be made to discover exactly to whom and for what purpose group members transferred this information. It is insignificant who is responsible for this investigative report, nor the objectives of its agents. The only thing that matters is the content seen and heard on the footage.

After the subversive activity of Breaking the Silence and other leftist groups has been exposed, very few in Israel still believe that sheer ideology and concern for the morality of the IDF and society have been the main driving force behind these organizations' activities.

He who wishes to mend the alleged immorality of Israeli society must first deal with it in Israel, and not run to other countries and join forces with cynical and hypocritical anti-Israel supporters. Selling anti-Israeli merchandise to anti-Semites in Europe is easy and boycott-free.
Even those driven by ideology should engage in honest introspection. It is regrettable that Breaking the Silence and others blatantly ignore the reality of our lives in this country to become the loyal servants of foreign countries and the dubious interests of Israel's enemies. As our sages taught, "He who is compassionate to the cruel will ultimately become cruel to the compassionate."

Israeli soldiers and police stand guard day and night to defend this country in the face of a murderous enemy, savages without any moral inhibitions, a violent Palestinian society that sends teenage boys and girls with knives drawn to murder Jews, knowing they will pay with their lives for their acts of terror.

It takes a great deal of malice, cynicism, hypocrisy, and perhaps exaggerated naivete, to cooperate with our country's enemies. This forces the IDF to confront internal threats, as well. It has been many years since we have witnessed so much self-hatred.

Too bad that former IDF senior commanders and politicians have been willing to back Breaking the Silence and other self-righteous groups. How much more indifference are we to endure by the Left's top leaders, who completely ignore Israel's duty to defend its citizens before it attends to the rights of vile murderers. 

The Israeli Left is dying, and while taking its last breaths it is shouting words such as "democracy" and "freedom of speech," which it feels are only valid where its rights are concerned. Other Israelis who do not share the same opinions are not deserving of the same rights, and certainly not freedom of speech. 

The organization embodies the true sense of the Yiddish phrase "the robbed Cossack" (a situation in which the one who perpetrates injustice claims to be the victim of wrongdoing). The Israeli public understands the issues of freedom as well as the country's fragile existence and has been moving away from the Left. The public understands that it is a democracy's right to defend itself. 

The Israeli Left and Breaking the Silence seek to convince the citizens of Israel that desperation drives the Palestinian killing sprees. This is a shameless lie. The fuel that ignites the Arab violence is the hope that, by way of terror, they can harm the Jews' tenacity to hold on to their homeland.

Unfortunately, leftist organizations, directly and indirectly, consciously or unconsciously, have been sowing hope in the hearts of the Palestinians, and as long as Palestinian hope exists, terror will not cease and peace will not be achieved. 

My suggestion for the leftist groups is to convince the Palestinians that there is no hope and they can never extinguish the fire of the Jewish eternal existence. By doing so, these leftist groups will finally achieve the goals they have been striving for. The Israeli people are peace-loving and moral. They do not need Breaking the Silence to teach them the meaning of morality.

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